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We believe that eCommerce technology should be available to everyone, not just those with banks. Wampei leverages cryptocurrency technology to provide software that allows any business to accept direct electronic payments (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc..) securely without a third-party such as a credit card merchant or financial institution. If a customer can and wishes to leverage a merchant or bank, Wampei integrates easily.

Matt and Russell have decades of experience working in e-commerce. We realized that if it was so hard for the large companies we worked with to keep away from all the obstacles put up by Credit Card Merchant, Banks and others, it had to be far worse for smaller companies.

We knew that the next thing for us was going to be fixing e-commerce.

If you look at the Whole World of Retail Commerce Internationally, it comes to about $24T /yr.

The world of retail

Now compare that with the value of those retail transactions paid for electronically – it's $2T. Let that sink in a bit.

The world of retail revisited

In the past 45 years, the collective force of all eCommerce companies has captured less than 10% of the market. Why? Because electronic payments are paid through a third party – a bank. There are far too many businesses and individuals that have limited or no access to banking.

Until Bitcoin, there was no way to send money electronically between two parties without a third-party like a bank.

Wampei Register© is the first solution that allows businesses to accept their electronic funds the same way they take cash -- without a third party.

Finally, in the United States, since 2009, almost 500 banks have failed. Those failures cost taxpayers nearly $75B. Banking is much more fragile than we would like to believe. eCommerce today ceases to exist without banks. That is a considerable risk. Wampei Register© allows eCommerce to continue without banking if necessary.

At Wampei, we will help drive the newer, safer, fraudless e-commerce of the future.

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Russell Castagnaro

CEO and Cofounder

Russell is a visionary whose vast technical knowledge and practical, people-centric approach over the last 23 years has enabled the teams he has led to change the landscape of electronic commerce, enterprise software development and government operations.

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Matt Skoda

CTO and Cofounder

Matthew has vast experience in military, ecommerce, cryptography and government technology solutions.

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Alexis Swann

Director of Business Development

Responsible for identifying partners (eCommerce platforms and Point-of-Sale providers) who want to extend their reach in the eCommerce world. Leverage technical knowledge, experience in Healthcare and intimate understanding of operations to position Wampei business partners to make the most of cryptocommerce and expand their customer base.

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Jaythan Elam

Director of UX

Jaythan has extensive experience spanning marketing and product development platforms – including branding, information architecture, and product focused user experience design for both web and mobile environments. His aesthetics reveal a love for all things typographic, minimalistic geometry, and clever thought provoking design solutions.


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