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Nov 20, 2017. | By: Russell

Denver, CO (November 21, 2017) - eCommerce problems have plagued cannabis companies. The problem is they do not have access to it. Even when they can find a state-licensed credit union like Partner, Numerica Credit Union and MAPS who will work with them, they cannot find a credit card processor and merchant bank to allow them to accept credit and debit cards. They still have to hire armed guards to protect the cash and schedule pickups from armored vehicles to deliver the cash to their credit union branch. Now, these un- and under-banked businesses have an electronic payment option which can decrease the amount of cash they have to handle.

Co-Founder Russell Castagnaro explains, “At Wampei, we believe that eCommerce technologies should be available to anyone doing legitimate business.  We help our customers leverage eCommerce technology with or without the use of a local bank.”

Wampei was a participant in the WebSummit ALPHA program which took place in Lisbon, Portugal as well as the TiE Rockies Propel business accelerator and Trout Tank pitch accelerator in Denver Colorado.

Castagnaro continues, “Today, less than 10% of retail purchases internationally are paid for electronically. Nearly 99% of all cannabis is purchased with cash. Why? A third party like a bank is required to pay electronically. Wampei Register© allows our customers to accept Bitcoin payments directly, without the use of a third party. Taking direct payments costs far less than credit cards, has no issues with fraud and eliminates returned payment risks. Leveraging eCommerce technology makes an enormous difference to the business’s bottom line and takes employees and the business itself out of harm’s way.”

Wampei helps drive the newer, safer, fraudless eCommerce of the future.

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