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Nov 8, 2017. | By: Russell

Wampum Register© solves real cash management problems by allowing merchants to:

  • Accept cryptocurrency payments directly - with or without a bank
  • Reduce the cash on hand for retail outlets that need to be secured and transported
  • Provide pre-payment and online ordering options
  • Access funds on the day of the transaction
  • Pay employees, partners, vendors and other providers (who are not comfortable with large amounts of cash) electronically

Wampum Register© unravels the issues overlooked by existing solutions:

  • No Bank Accounts required for merchants or customers.
  • Customers can use any modern mobile cryptocurrency wallet app to pay, not just one app used for a few businesses.
  • Customers can fund their wallets quickly and easily from other people, Bitcoin ATMs or any cryptocurrency exchange in the world.
  • Because cryptocurrency is used instead of a proprietary transfer mechanism, merchants get their money the same day as payment.  That is better than a credit card or cashless ATMs, and far superior to the pre-paid value card networks.
  • Payments can be accepted online via existing eCommerce platforms or in the store at the point of purchase.

Wampum will help drive the newer, safer, fraudless eCommerce  of the future.

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