Why Wampei Register Works

Nov 2, 2017. | By: Russell

Reasons for using Wampei Register©

  • It’s Transparent: Retailers can see all transactions, the flow of funds, transaction information, and total amounts.

  • It’s Low Cost: Customers pay as much as 90% less than other methods of payment since it leverages the Bitcoin network

  • It’s Legitimate: Bitcoin has a Market capitalization of over $80 Billion and processes more than 300,000 transactions per day.

  • Banking not required: No need for either your stores or your customers to have or share banking information.

  • It’s Fraudless: All payments are pushed to your store wallet directly, so you do not have to collect any payment or personal information that could be stolen or misused.

  • It’s Stable: The Bitcoin network has been running continuously with no downtime since 2010. Your instance of Wampei Register© is dedicated to you and not shared across other merchants.

  • It’s Safer (1): Removing cash from the system is safer for our communities.

  • It’s Safer (2): Removing cash from the system is safer for your store(s).

  • It’s Safer (3): Removing cash from the system means you do not pay armed guards to move cash around town.

  • It Saves Money: Less cash means less cash handling by your staff and fewer cash pickups for your clients.

  • It’s Better For Business: your stores will spend less time and money handling cash and more selling product to your customers.

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