eCommerce for All

We believe that eCommerce tech should be available to all. We help our customers accept crypto payments with or without the use of a bank.


Seconds per transaction
Most transactions take 12 seconds or less to process.


Your funds are always in your control 100% of the time


Minimum savings for a merchant with an average bill of $500

wampei founders

Russell starts with "Why?"

In my previous roles with other companies, I worked with Banks (e.g., Bank of America, Bank of Hawaii, First Hawaiian Bank, Central Pacific Bank) and Merchant Processors (e.g., WorldPay, Verisign, Paypal, First Data, Cybersource.)

One thing I can tell you about all of them is that they do not make things easy. Typically, to work with banks and processors, merchants have to jump through many hoops, comply with anachronistic policies and adhere to ancient protocols that are meant to provide cover for lawsuits but not provide real security for systems. It is tough to work with these third parties, but if a business wants to accept electronic payments, there has not been an alternative. Until now.

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