Wampei Register©

Wampei Register© is software that allows businesses to accept Bitcoin payments directly. Merchants can accept payments whether they have a bank or not and all funds are ALWAYS under their control.

Merchants lease Wampei Register© software. They have multiple payment options depending on business location, the average amount of payments and the expected number of payments per month.

Electronic Payments

Accept cryptocurrency payments directly without a merchant account.

No Returned Payments

Since payments are sent directly to merchants, there are no credit card chargebacks or returned payments.

Payment Options

Offer in-store, pre-payment, delivery and online ordering options.

Fast access to funds

Because cryptocurrency is used instead of a proprietary transfer mechanism, merchants get their money the same day as payment.  That is better than a credit card or cashless ATMs, and far superior to the pre-paid value card networks or closed loop payment systems.

Banking not required

No bank accounts required for merchants or customers.

Open Software

Customers can use any modern mobile cryptocurrency wallet app to pay, not just one app used for a few businesses.

Payments from a merchant's perspective

As a merchant, you want to be able to sell your products or services to as many customers as easily as possible. Bitcoin is the most easily acquired cryptocurrency (Exchanges, Bitcoin ATMs, Bitcoin Tellers and Individuals.)

See for yourself

Accepting Bitcoin is faster than typical credit card processing, and the funds are always in you control and available in a few hours. Watch as Russell and Kim show you how.

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