Payment methods. There’s not a lot of choice — it’s Visa and MasterCard, right?  Not anymore. Many small businesses are now accepting Bitcoin payments.

Is Bitcoin Safe?

Yes. Accepting Bitcoin is just as safe as accepting cash, credit cards, and electronic checks. In some cases, it’s even safer – because YOU are in charge of your own money. There is no third party-holding your funds as there is with credit cards and electronic checks. Therefore, there are no charge-backs or returned payments. With Bitcoin payments, your customer sends payment directly to you. Merchants can still process refunds, by sending the refund amount directly back to the customer, just as you would with a cash payment.


Bitcoin payments involve Bitcoin “keys.” These keys must be kept private. This is no different than keeping your own credit card or bank account number private. Merchants should never share their private keys over email or text message.

Will I be affected by Bitcoin’s price fluctuations?

Only if you want to invest your Bitcoin. Most merchants choose to convert it to USD instantly or using a predetermined schedule. Most often, merchants have their money in their bank account faster than they would get their funds from a credit card company.

Do my customers own Bitcoin?

17 million adult Americans own Bitcoin

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