Demos & Support

Using Wampei WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce is probably the easiest way to set up a storefront using WordPress. It makes managing your business’s store and payments simple. Because so many of our customers choose to use WooCommerce it was the first third-party plugin that we provided. It’s slug is “woo-gateway-wampei-bitcoin.” It is available on github. The plugin allows ...

Your Wampei Register Funding Address

Your funding address When you use Wampei Register© one of the things you have to determine is how and where you want to store your funds. Should you hold the crypto and send to a hardware or paper wallet? Perhaps you have business partners and want to send it to ...

Point of Sale Demo w/ Coffee Shop

Accepting Bitcoin is faster and simpler than you probably think. In this video, Russell Castagnaro, Cofounder of Wampei, demonstrates just how quick and easy it is, with the help of coffee shop, Local Joe Hawaii.

Creating Bills & Invoices in Wampei Register©

Collect bitcoin payments from your customers by creating bills and invoices in Wampei Register©. Invoices are paid immediately and Bills are sent to be paid later.  

Wampei Register© Demo

In this demo, we’ll explore the three payment methods supported by Wampei Register©.

Consolidation of Funds

Getting Your Funds Most merchants are familiar with handling money from the cash drawer of a register. The “Bundling” process goes something like this: 1) Close out the register (some function key or physical key) 2) Count, Collate and Bag the Cash, Checks, etc.. 3) Check totals with the report ...

Wampei’s WordPress WooCommerce Plugin Demo

Wampei Register© works well with very WooCommerce, the world’s most popular eCommerce platform. Any customer can pay by scanning the QR code with a mobile wallet or copying the link and pasting into a web wallet. See the demo below.   For information on how to configure the plugin.