Bitcoin is a digital or virtual currency first created by an anonymous person who uses the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. There is no middleman, no government control, no banks, and you can buy almost anything with it – from cannabis to clothes to space travel.

Here are 10 companies that you might recognize that accept Bitcoin payments:

  • – Simply select the Pay with Bitcoin option at checkout
  • & Gyft – Shop Gift Cards from 250+ Retailers
  • – Gadget junkies celebrate!
  • REEDS Jewelers – You can now use bitcoin to buy fine jewelry and watches, ranging from engagement rings to Pandora charms, in all REEDS Jewelers locations and online.
  • – Do you make your payments to my online? Now you can pay with Bitcoin.
  • – Roadway Moving is the first moving company in New York to accept Bitcoin from its customers
  • – These folks find the Pizza Joint near you so it’s hot when it arrives! Currently, they accept over 50 cryptocurrencies!
  • Microsoft.comPurchase games, movies, and apps in the Windows and Xbox stores
  • CheapAir.comUse bitcoin to book both domestic and international flights through CheapAir