So you have a paper wallet from a friend, Wampei (a TipKit), Bitcoin ATM, or another source.


Paper Wallet/ Tipkit

Now how do you use it?

Checking Your Balance

Checking the balance of any Bitcoin address is easy. Scan the QR code and use software like “BTC Explorer” or copy the Bitcoin address and use to see the balance.  In the case of this wallet, It has never had money sent to it.  (It is always possible that a kind soul will send some BTC to this address, so that might change.)

Funding Your Paper Wallet

It is as simple a scanning the QR code and sending funds to the public Bitcoin address.

Sweeping your Paper Wallet

When it all comes down to it, you probably don’t want to hold the BTC in the paper wallet forever.  You want to spend it!  Sweeping can be done at ATMs that buy bitcoin or on mobile wallets.  You can cash out at an ATM or put it into a mobile wallet for spending directly or moving to a crypto exchange.

The BRD wallet is one of the easiest to use consumer

As described in the video, open BRD, touch ‘menu,’ touch ‘preferences,’ touch ‘bitcoin settings,’  touch Redeem Private Key,’ touch ‘Scan Private Key’ button and the camera will activate, finally point the camera at the PRIVATE KEY QR Code.  BRD will tell you how much BTC is in the wallet and confirm you want to sweep it.

Secret Key

Secret Key

Congratulations!  You did it.