Getting Your Funds

Most merchants are familiar with handling money from the cash drawer of a register. The “Bundling” process goes something like this:
1) Close out the register (some function key or physical key)
2) Count, Collate and Bag the Cash, Checks, etc..
3) Check totals with the report generated from the register.
4) Account for any differences.
5) Create the deposit slip.
6) Bag and lock the deposit.
7) Transport and drop off at the bank.
8) Get receipt

Handling your crypto with Wampei is much simpler.
1) Log in to Wampei Register© as an Admin User.
2) Select Unconsolidated invoices from the Admin drop-down.
3) Select the Consolidate button.
4) Enter your Mnemonic in the consolidation popup.
5) If successful, the transaction Ids of the transactions (To your settlement address and wampei) will display.
6) Consolidation report is available from the Reports menu.

You can run the consolidation as often or infrequently as you like.