Your funding address

When you use Wampei Register© one of the things you have to determine is how and where you want to store your funds. Should you hold the crypto and send to a hardware or paper wallet? Perhaps you have business partners and want to send it to a Multi-sig wallet. Maybe you just want to spend it using a debit card. Most merchants choose to send funds to an exchange like or where they can do whatever they want with the monies including convert it to their home currency and transferring it to a bank account.

wampei-upholdWorking with Uphold

We recommend our new merchants use as their exchange because they are so easy to work with for businesses. Uphold has the concept of cards. Cards make organizing your funds much easier. You have an account (tied to your business) and one or more ‘cards’ which can hold national currencies or cryptocurrencies.

If you want your funds converted to a national currency immediately, you should create a new card in that currency (i.e., USD or EUR), give the card a name that makes sense and favorite the card to you see it on your dashboard. If you choose this option Uphold will buy the currency with the Bitcoin you send immediately and with the currency exchange rate.

To determine your funding address do the following:

  • Select your card of choice. In the image, I chose a USD card, but it could be any of your cards.


  • Click “Add Funds” link in the upper righthand corner.
  • Select “Fund with Cryptocurrency or Utility Token”



  • Choose the cryptocurrency funding method – use Bitcoin (BTC).


  • Congratulations! You have your funding address


Copy this address and submit this to your account contact at Wampei.

coinbaseWorking with Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the US and probably the world. They focus on the consumer’s experience, not someone who wants to trade all the time. One advantage to Coinbase for consumers is that they allow customers to purchase Bitcoin with a credit card and use it almost immediately. Most readers my posts are merchants; you’ll understand how important it is to a retail brick-and-mortar business that customers can purchase when they want to.

Once you have logged into Coinbase, to determine your funding address do the following:

  • Choose your BTC wallet.

Coinbase Account

  • Click through the BTC warning modal window. They do not want you to accidentally send other types of crypto to this address (like BCH) because you could lose those funds.


  • Congratulations! You have your funding address


Copy this address and submit this to your account contact at Wampei.

You are ready to go!